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17th February 2016

Sunrise C-Tec Brick Raking Dust Guard

Sunrise SV50e Dust Extractor

Quikpoint Mortar Pointing Gun

Pointmaster Brick Finishing Irons

Arbortech AS 170 Low Dust Plunge Cutting Saw

Dust Free Brick Raking


Electric Repointing Gun

Ironing & Finishing


This website continues to offer summary information and commentary on matters relating to Brick Raking and Repointing. As a company, Concrete Surface Preparation was our traditional focus and we still provide Planers & Scabblers, Diamond Grinders, Mobile Shotblasters and the associated Dust Extraction systems. Dust free Concrete Cutting and Raking was a natural progression for us, as was the addition of Repointing and Joint Finishing tools.

Concrete Planer

Concrete Diamond Grinder

Concrete Shotblaster

Dust Extraction Systems

Core Drilling

Pipe Saw

Concrete Planers

Diamond Grinders


Dust Extraction

Core Drilling

Pipe Cutting

In addition to the Manhole and Kerb Lifting products, our Specialist Tools offerings include Core Drilling systems, Pipe Cutting systems for the water industry and various customer-inspired Special Developments. Access to all information can be gained through highlighted links above or through the Homepage on the main Sunrise Tools website. Clicking on individual images above will take you to webpages relevant to the product type
On-line purchases are transacted through our primary website www.sunrisetools.co.uk 

Other company websites:


insight into the various methods of lifting manhole covers


specific information on the Manhole Buddy, Magnetic Manhole Lifter

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Dust Control

Grinding & Sanding
Cutting & Chasing


Brick Raking
Pointing & Finishing

Cover Lifting

Manhole Buddy
Small Cover Lifters
Gully Opener

Surface Preparation

Diamond Grinding

Specialist Tools

Joint Clean-out Floor Saw
Airflow Indicator
Slip-on Overshoes

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